An exceptional book to preserve your most cherished memories.
A photograph is a biography of a moment.
-Art Shay
Mille-Feuille crafts exceptional photo books for the cherished moments we wish to always remember. Handbound and personalised to the point of becoming unique, our products are noble objects whose value increases as years go by. Going through a Mille-Feuille book means rediscovering your photographs intact and relive your memories with intensity.
Beyond original. Simply unique.
A dazzling range of fabrics will first catch your eyes. Once in your hands you will notice that your book title was hand-embossed in the front cover ornamental leather tag. Take a moment to caress the materials, appreciate the smell and the contrasts of your book. Every nuance concurs to the composition of a rigorously singular object.
Handmade in Spain.
The work of a bookbinder requires patience and meticulousness. Our books are crafted by genuine craftsmen whose savoir-faire is built upon over two decades of practice. We take pride in the certainty that you will cherish your specimen a little more with each year passing by.
Experts in preserving memories.
You trust us to highlight your moments of happiness, we owe you a professional result. We use HP Indigo technology to deliver unbeatable printing results. And with acid-free and chlorine-free FSC® and ICO 9706 certified archival papers, your photographs will keep their original gloss for several generations!
Let an expert design your layout.
Designing the layout for a fine photo book is no casual matter. We will either collaborate with your photographer or assign our own graphic designer to create an uncluttered and elegant composition of your pictures. From now on you can forget about the annoying software bit: some tasks are just better left to an expert.
Conceived for the most discerning.
At a time when factories are being relocated, when processes are being automated and products have become disposable, we stand for authenticity. We take part in the recovery of extinct crafts and we produce from the best materials. Our books are custom-made and we polish every detail to make exceptional products. Conceived for those able to discern excellence from the ordinary.
We craft books from 434€ tax included. Please use the following form to place an order or request our product specifications and detailed prices.

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